Metaverse casino is a life changing gateway to the crypto

2 min readMar 14, 2022


Virtual reality is just the beginning, not the end. It’s time to look out of the box and challenge your reality

The one industry that is definitely going to explode with the advancement of the metaverse is the online gambling industry. Recently the Co-founder and CEO of Bybit said in an interview that, “The promise of the metaverse is about giving power back to people and allowing them to have true ownership of their data.”

Do you know?

According to Zian market research, the global augmented and virtual reality market is expected to reach $814.7 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 63% between 2019 and 2025.

By bringing the crypto casinos into the metaverse, Age of Tron is crafting a brand new entertainment and gambling experience. People nowadays are bored by the same old games, they need something new and lucrative and metaverse casinos are the solution to it. Age of Tron is a decentralized blockchain based casino gaming platform. It’s a combination of two multi dollar markets- video and casino games.

Gambling in the metaverse! What does it look like?

Technology is developing at a very fast pace and the metaverse is one of them. The metaverse will do to the online casinos what the internet did for brick and mortar casinos. While some players want to play in the metaverse whereas, some just enter to speculate the value. The metaverse is a game changer. It’s clear from the beginning that it will change the way to interact online, how brands advertise, many more things yet need to come.

From a technological aspect, some of the key features for the growth of the metaverse are: -

Improved performance in avatar movement and environment rendering

More capacity to support all the complexities in designs and interactions

Expanded accessibility across devices

Definition of standards digital assets & virtual currencies so that they can be easily transferred across various virtual worlds

Advanced discovery mechanisms such as the ability to find friends, places to visit with, recommendations, etc.

The approach to the metaverse

The success and building of the metaverse depend upon the flexible and robust financial ecosystem that allows the users to connect easily with the virtual world and physical world. The emerging technology is developing the infrastructure and is not limited to only tokenization and digital identity.

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