Guidelines to become loyalty club members and get Global club membership of Age of Tron

2 min readJan 24, 2022


Most of the casinos have a loyalty program where they usually give memberships to their loyal customers and where they get the opportunity to get bonuses and extra rewards that they do not get while being a normal member.

What exactly is a casino loyalty program?

The online games available on the platform are point-based which means whenever anyone plays a game, in return, they get some points as a loyalty bonus. These are usually done to retain customers and attract new players as well.

The loyalty points can be further used to earn credits, deposits and to enter different tournaments. They all have levels and the higher the levels, the higher the prizes you will be awarded.

Here are some guidelines for all loyal club members and global club members: -

ü The first and the foremost step is to activate your account at

ü Secondly, do top up of your account wallet with a minimum of 10 AOT tokens and play games regularly

ü The next is to register your account with the same email ID which has been registered on the HypeProfit platform

ü After this, you need to refer at least 5 new team members and the same activate their account too with 10 AOT tokens each. The purpose of doing this is to grow the community at a large

ü Also, the members need to create at least 2 review videos for the AOT platforms and share them on the official telegram channels and on your social media platforms. All the links then are shared in the official business group

ü The last step is to clear star club member pool in PMS or make 100$ payouts and enter in 500$ magic pool in new AOT career plan

Once all the above-stated steps gets completed then, kindly raise a ticket to the support team to activate your loyalty club and global ticket membership.

Therefore, then our backed team will verify the proper completion of the above steps and finally will activate your membership. The members can then take extra ordinary of the same.

The HypeProfit platform is now going to enter into the metaverse gaming community with a proper career growth plan which will enhance the future of Age of Tron to the next level.

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